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Uphill Rush

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Get Acquainted With a Gaming Masterpiece Played by Millions

Uphill Rush is one of the most successful racing game series. Why so many players are in love with its releases globally? Perhaps, because these realizations combined several genres: speed racing, extreme strategical gaming and tricky quest. Game's concept is generously decorated with great graphic design, lots of sound and visual effects. The entertainment is carefully wrapped into a fascinating pre-story for each release.

Whether your character is racing in a waterpark or in Vegas, on a rollercoaster or in the heart of a deserted island, through mountains or hills - be ready for lots of surprises during a game. You won't feel bored! Developers demonstrated a great sense of humor - you will always find a reason for some laugh even in most dangerous moments.

Characters and Vehicles

Why else would you love Uphill Rush? Game developers created a funny set of online characters and vehicles for most realizations. You can choose a little hero, which you like most, before each game or level. Some bonuses and ups collected while gaming will unblock new items and powers to make your racing funnier.

Main reasons to play all the Uphill Rush exciting games

  • It develops your reaction and critical thinking. Uphill Rush will make your brain work hard - here you have to solve tricky tasks on a high speed. Dangerous traps, foxy enemies, injuring elements will appear fast and unexpectedly: use your clear logic and creativity to get through all barriers and to reach finish before the time is gone.
  • It makes you relax. The game is a proper way to forget your daily troubles and to relax for a while. Exciting entertainment will get your whole attention and thought. Games like that help to throw some adrenaline and to reduce stress level.
  • It entertains you during a trip. Whether you are on a trip or waiting in a queue - switch your favorite Uphill Rush fan on. Don't waste your time being bored, catch your chance to enjoy.
  • It makes you laugh. Developers of Uphill Rush series added funny elements to each game realization: ride a crazy cow or horse, jump over cliffs on a cute panda or dolphin. You can choose silly characters or transport that will make the whole gaming funnier.

This site is an online collection of wonderful Uphill Rush releases and other games with similar concept. We've gathered only most popular variations that work properly and are recommended by players worldwide! Play them all and find your favorite game! No payment, no hidden fees, no download and no registration needed!

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Uphill Rush Games